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In order to use rewarding.app, you need to give @rewarding the posting authority by https://hivesigner.com/authorize/@rewarding. You can check, if you did here: https://hiveblocks.com/@


The command has to be written in a comment and the delayed upvote is casted to the direct parent. When no time is given, upvote is done 15 minutes after post/comment creation (time is in relation to the parent post/comment creation date).

  • $rewarding 77% 13min
  • $rewarding 88 %

When doing this on a paid-out post, rewarding creates a comment with 100% beneficiaries set to the author and upvotes this with the given percentage and delay.

  • Delayed Vote: Triggers a delayed vote without a voting rule
  • Show rules: Show all stored rules
  • Add a new rule: Creates a new rule for an author.
  • Show vote log: Shows all casted votes within the last 7 days
  • Show pending votes: Show not yet casted votes
  • User settings: Text for an upvote comment can be set
  • Logout: remove hivesigner token from session storage
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